MTH 095 : Intermediate Algebra

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Intermediate Algebra



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MTH 065.


Continues the algebra foundation necessary to study college-level mathematics and statistics. Includes systems of equations and inequalities, linear and quadratic regressions, functions and function notation, equation solving through manual and graphical means, inequalities and complex numbers. Graphing calculator required. TI-83 or TI-84 recommended.

Learning outcomes

1. Simplify expressions and solve equations including exponentials, logarithms, rational expressions, radical expressions and systems of equations.
2. Evaluate, interpret, and analyze functions both algebraically, graphically, and numerically including ordered pairs, using function notation, domain and range, intercepts, and minimum and maximum values.
3. Use graphing technology to make predictions and interpret the results for models involving linear, quadratic, exponential, rational, and radical functions.
4. Simplify expressions containing negative and rational exponents.
5. Solve linear inequalities and express the solution set graphically and using interval notation.

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