MTH 098 : Math Literacy II

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Math Literacy II



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MTH 058.


Covers modeling, graphing and solving linear equations in context. Explores how to clearly communicate sophisticated arguments supported by quantitative evidence using words, tables, graphs, and mathematical equations as appropriate. Covers dimensional analysis as it arises contextually in applications.

Learning outcomes

1. Use signed numbers in context.
2. Use order of operations correctly in mathematical expressions, including expressions with signed numbers, as they apply to data – based/statistical/probabilistic applications.
3. Create and use basic algebraic formulae, including slope/gradient, square and cube roots.
4. Interpret numerical information from bar graphs, scatterplots, and other graphical displays of information, and make reasonable conclusions based upon data or situations. Use technology to perform calculations and create graphical displays.
5. Apply dimensional analysis as it arises contextually in applications.

Content outline

Arithmetic with signed numbers
Order of Operations with signed numbers
Applications of slope/gradient as it arises in applications
Develop understanding and basic facility with square and cube roots
Interpret data from graphs and tables and make predictions supported by the data
Apply dimensional analysis in contect

Required materials

This course uses materials generated by the COCC math department faculty.

Grading methods

Assessment of outcomes is done using individual and group activities as well as a midterm and final exam.

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