MTH 244 : Introduction to Probability and Statistics 2

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Intro to Prob Stat 2



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MTH 243.


Introduces methods of inferential statistical analysis. Includes sampling techniques, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, tests of association, linear regression and categorical analysis. Basic computer skills (especially spreadsheet knowledge) are desirable. A graphing calculator is required. TI -83 or TI -84 recommended.

Learning outcomes

1. Student will understand and apply basic sampling techniques for statistical research and how the misapplication of such techniques easily leads to biased and possibly meaningless results.
2. Student will recognize data that are normally distributed and be able to calculate probabilities using statistical tables and a graphing calculator.
3. Student will understand the Central Limit Theorem and its importance to inferential statistics.
4. Student will perform and interpret hypothesis tests on claims about means and proportions for one and two-sample data both manually and using appropriate technology. In addition, students should be able to determine the proper statistic to use under various circumstances and how probabilities of Type I and Type II errors affect hypothesis testing.
5. Student will compute and interpret confidence intervals and understand their relationship to hypothesis testing.
6. Student will perform a simple regression on two-sample data, understand the uses and limitations of a regression analysis, and perform a test of significance on the correlation coefficient.
7. Student will perform Chi-square tests of independence and Goodness-of-fit.
8. Student will become familiar with the graphing calculator and industry standard statistical software packages to obtain graphical representations of data and perform statistical computations and hypothesis tests.

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  • Science not Lab
  • Mathematics

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