MTH 256 : Applied Differential Equations

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Applied Differential Equations



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MTH 253.


Introduction to the application of differential equations for science and engineering students. Includes first- and second-order linear and nonlinear equations, systems of linear first-order differential equations and applications appropriate for science and engineering; numerical, graphical, series and analytical solutions are covered. Computer skills are recommended and a graphing calculator is required. TI-83 or TI-84 is recommended.

Learning outcomes

1. Students will develop models (differential equations) that describe rates of change.
2. Students will solve these models analytically, graphically, and numerically.
3. Students will utilize calculators and computer software to solve differential equations.
4. Students will solve linear and non-linear first order differential equations.
5. Students will solve second order differential equations.
6. Students will solve systems of linear first order differential equations.

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  • Science not Lab
  • Mathematics

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