MUS 101 : Music Fundamentals

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Music Fundamentals



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Presents the fundamentals of music making, including notation of pitch, rhythm, music terminology, scales, key signatures, intervals and chord spelling. Requires no previous musical experience. This course is an ideal preparation for students who intend to enroll in MUS 111, Music Theory. Students interested in learning about music history, styles and composers (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, etc.) should consider MUS 201, MUS 202 or MUS 203.

Course learning outcomes

1. Calculate rhythms, by sight sound, from sixteenth notes rests to dotted whole notes rests.
2. Distinguish meter time signatures.
3. Count rhythms from sixteenth notes to dotted whole notes.
4. Differentiate evaluate pitches in treble and bass clefs.
5. Distinguish formulate enharmonic tones accidentals.
6. Calculate scales including Chromatic, major, minor scales.
7. Distinguish Construct key signatures.
8. Estimate evaluate intervals and their inversions.
9. Construct analyze triads.

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  • Arts and Letters

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