MUS 111 : Music Theory IA

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Music Theory IA



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MUS 101. Recommended to be taken with


Harmony of the common-practice period with attention to part writing, and analysis. An entrance placement exam will be given during the first class session. This sequence of courses should be taken by all students who intend to major or minor in music.

Learning outcomes

1. Identify and notate pitches and an enharmonic equivalent in treble, bass, tenor, and alto clef.
2.Construct all major and minor (all three forms) scales and key signatures.
3. Identify and write all diatonic and chromatic intervals and their inversions.
4. Complete the circle of fifths.
5. Identify and correctly use rhythmic notation in simple and compound meters
6. Identify and write the four basic triad types.
7. Use correct voice leading, doubling and spacing of chords in four-part style.
8. Notate and analyze root, first, second and third inversion triads in four-part style.
9. Notate and analyze cadences and identify non-harmonic tones.
10. Correctly use basic Roman numeral analysis; read, understand, translate figured bass notation.
11. Interpret and engage in the Arts and Letters, making use of the creative process to enrich the quality of life.
12. Critically analyze values and ethics within a range of human experience and expression to engage more fully in local and global issues.

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  • Arts and Letters

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