MUS 112 : Music Theory IB

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Music Theory IB



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MUS 111. Recommended to be taken with

Course Description

Harmony of the common-practice period with attention to part writing and analysis.

Course learning outcomes

1. Notate and analyze root, first, second and third inversion triads in four-part style.
2. Compose music using correct voice leading and voice doubling procedures.
3. Correctly use Roman numeral analysis and read figured bass notation.
4. Identify and notate modulations to closely related keys.
5. Identify and notate modulations to distantly related keys.
6. Identify and notate secondary dominants and secondary sevenths and describe how they are used.
7. Critically analyze values associated with the creation of music in order to understand local and global issues involved in music making.
8. Have a greater understanding of the creative process of those in the past and discover how this knowledge can enrich one’s own life.

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  • Arts and Letters

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