MUS 113 : Music Theory IC

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Music Theory IC



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MUS 112. Recommended to be taken with

Course Description

Harmony of the common-practice period with attention to part writing and analysis.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explore harmonic progressions and use them to notate accompaniment patterns.
2. Explore different phrase structures and both identify and compose phrases.
3. Explore texture to identify and compose accompaniment patterns.
4. Identify and notate modulations to closely related keys.
5. Identify and notate modulations to distantly related keys.
6. Identify and notate forms, both Binary and Ternary.
7. Interpret and engage in the Arts and Letters, making use of the creative process to enrich the quality of life.
8. Critically analyze values and ethics within a range of human experience and expression to engage more fully in local and global issues.

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  • Arts and Letters

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