MUS 118 : Music Technology MIDI/Audio I

Transcript title

Music Technology MIDI/Audio I



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

Total contact hours


Lecture hours


Recommended preparation

MUS 101 or equivalent musical experience.

Course Description

Provides hands-on instruction in current applications of music technology in a MIDI/audio studio. Use various music production tools in live sound engineering and mixing.

Course learning outcomes

1. Use MIDI in an electronic music studio.
2. Explain the physics of sound.
3. Explain microphone types, polarity patterns, frequency tailoring, and their recording applications.
4. Use microphones in varied circumstances and placements.
5. Use organization, submixing and grouping, mixing technique, and mastering.
6. Use plug-ins for mix control and creative sound enhancement.
7. Create solo and collaborative audio productions with digital audio workstations, virtual instruments, MIDI editing, and various audio production tools.

Content outline

  1. Introduction to Sound, Audio, and DAW Software
  2. Audio Specs and Plug-Ins
  3. MIDI and Virtual Instruments
  4. Microphones and Recording Technique
  5. Mix Session Preparation
  6. Mixing Preparation
  7. Mastering
  8. Collaborative Audio Production

Required materials

There is no textbook for this course. However, an external hard drive will be required to store projects; 250GB would be a good minimum size since audio and video files are generally quite large.

Outside of

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