MUS 119 : Music Technology MIDI/Audio II

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Music Technology MIDI/Audio II



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Recommended preparation

MUS 118.

Course Description

Provides hands-on instruction in advanced techniques of music technology in a MIDI/audio studio. Covers advanced applications of synthesizers, professional sound recording/editing software, MIDI networking, MIDI sequencing, digital effects, and both analog and digital mixing and mastering. Provides experience in syncing sound and music to digital videos.

Course learning outcomes

1. Create intermediate to advanced projects with digital audio workstations, MIDI hardware, and production tools.
2. Combine MIDI and audio post-production projects with video synchronization.
3. Produce consistently high-quality audio projects using ideal microphone placement and signal routing.
4. Create unique audio environments with spatial microphone placement and plug-ins.
5. Use plug-ins to creatively enhance the quality of a track and overall mix.
6. Create audio projects individually and collaboratively.

Content outline

  1. Intermediate Mixing Techniques
  2. Managing Large Sessions with Grouping and Sub-mixes
  3. Using Plug-ins to Manage Complex Mixes
  4. Using Plug-ins to Creatively Enhance Audio Production and Final Mixes
  5. Creating More Expressive MIDI and Virtual Instrument Mockups
  6. Intermediate Microphone Technique for Medium and Large Ensembles
  7. Music Editing and Synchronization Technique for Film and Multi-media Projects

Required materials

There is no textbook for this course. However, an external hard drive will be required to store projects; 250GB would be a good minimum size since audio and video files are generally quite large.

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