MUS 123 : Opera Performance

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Opera Performance



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Study, rehearsal and performance of operas for vocalists, instrumentalists and production technicians. An audition is required before enrollment. May be repeated, no limit.

Course learning outcomes

1. Students will give at least two performances in a scenes concert or opera theatre performance per term for the Central Oregon community and/or public schools outreach.
2. Students will rehearse and perform a variety of opera theatre and/or legit music theatre scenes from different composers and operatic periods, in the tradition, to the best of their individual capabilities.
3. Students will regularly attend rehearsals and be responsible for learning their own part for each production.
4. Students will demonstrate knowledge of new techniques and methods of singing and opera theatre production.
5. Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic historical aspects of the music and character during the course of rehearsals.
6. Students will have the opportunity to work with accomplished professional guest soloists who are engaged to perform with Opera Bend.
7. Students will develop and/or continue their life-long passion for singing and performing opera and classical music in a nurturing and socially enriching setting.

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