MUS 171 : Scoring Music for Media II

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Scoring Music for Media II



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Recommended preparation

MUS 170.

Course Description

Covers technologies that allow modern-day screen composers to produce, digitally record, sweeten, mix, and edit music. Provides advanced techniques in spotting, designing, and timing used to compose scores.

Course learning outcomes

1. Create compositions with intermediate to advanced editing, mixing, and MIDI functions in a digital audio workstation.
2. Create complex original music to fit different media genres and specifications.
3. Employ the technical aspects of working to picture, including timecodes, codecs, and time-locked markers.
4. Create professional digital media projects that meet industry standards.

Content outline

  1. Tone and Story
  2. Creating an Adaptable Theme
  3. Harmonic Motion and Dramatic Modulation
  4. Scoring for Simplicity
  5. Progressive Ostinato
  6. Advanced Orchestration
  7. Orchestration: Score Study Inspiration
  8. Final Project

Required materials

There is no textbook for this course. However, an external hard drive will be required to store projects; 250GB would be a good minimum size since audio and video files are generally quite large.

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