MUS 183 : Vocal Jazz Choir

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Vocal Jazz Choir



Grading mode

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Course Description

Study and perform music for jazz choir. Present one major concert each term. Contact ensemble conductor for audition information.

Course learning outcomes

1. Recognize various stylistic differences within vocal jazz.
2. Interpret vocal jazz music.
3. Perform vocal jazz repertoire with increased musicianship skills and appropriate etiquette.
4. Create individual solo lines through improvisation.
5. Describe the history and historic figures in vocal jazz.

Content outline

  1. Listen to the works of jazz performers with the goal of aural imitation of standard performance practice
  2. Explore the concept of improvisation as it relates to vocal jazz
  3. Study commonly used scales, arpeggios, rhythms, phrases and patterns in the vocal jazz language
  4. Study the form and harmony of jazz compositions
  5. Learn lyrics, individual parts and form to selected jazz standards
  6. Rehearse and perform selected jazz compositions implementing concepts learned in the class
  7. Discuss the history of jazz vocal music (generally and specifically related to the works being performed)

Required materials

Students should always have a pencil for marking parts. Music rehearsed and performed will be provided by the instructor.

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