MUS 194 : Big Band Jazz

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Big Band Jazz



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Course Description

Study and performance of music for large jazz band. One major concert is presented each term. May be repeated, no limit. Contact ensemble conductor for information about required audition.

Course learning outcomes

1. Students will perform at least one concert per term for the Central Oregon Community.
2. Students will rehearse and perform a wide variety of jazz styles to the best of their individual capabilities.
3. Students will regularly attend rehearsals and be responsible for learning their own part for each concert.
4. Students will demonstrate knowledge of new techniques and methods for jazz playing during rehearsals and performances.
5. Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic historical and formal analysis aspects of the music during the course of rehearsals.
6. Students will develop and or continue their life-long passion for rehearsing and performing jazz music in a socially enriching and enabling setting.

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