MUS 207 : History of Rock Music

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History of Rock Music



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Students will learn the history of rock music from its beginnings in earlier forms of popular music to the present; to understand the relationship of this music to larger cultural, political, and economic formations; and to become familiar with aspects of musical structure that have been used in rock music. Students will communicate their knowledge through participation with discussion groups, activities, listening examples, and a written project about an artist or rock band that came out of Rock Music.

Course learning outcomes

1. Comprehend and explain important events and figures that shaped society and culture during the years of Rock’s development.
2. Outline/Point out the contributions of key people involved in the development of Rock Music
3. Explain and compare the different effects of rock music through the ages on individuals, social groups and or political realms.
4. Recognize and demonstrate how other music styles such as; Country Blues, Gospel Music and Doo-Wop, contributed to the development of the Rock and Roll music movement lyrically and musically from its beginnings to today.
5. Demonstrate own Aesthetic engagement explaining a personal selection of Rock Roll singers, bands and or songs.
6. Define the criteria in the making of Rock and Roll legends; provide examples showing how these individuals/ groups contributed to the elements that shaped Rock and Roll today.

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