MUS 208 : Film Music History

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Film Music History



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Surveys music history of motion pictures from the silent film era to the present. Covers the distinct language of music for cinema, surveys of major composer-director relationships and the works produced, discussion of important cinematic genres and the music for each, and techniques composers use to create music for motion pictures.

Course learning outcomes

1. Summarize the role of music and its development in film.
2. Distinguish the characteristics of music associated with major film genres.
3. Connect films and film music to their respective eras.
4. Describe the collaborative process of those involved in the film music industry.
5. Evaluate the relationship between visual and aural dimensions of a film.
6. Use terminology related to the discussion of film music and its history.

Content outline

  1. About Film Music, Language of Film Scoring
  2. Pioneers of Film Music
  3. The Golden Age
  4. The Next Generation: Jazz and Modern Music
  5. Big Band, Rock, and Fun Personalities
  6. Return of the Hollywood Sound and John Williams
  7. Thought Leaders of the 1980s and 1990s
  8. Modern Thought Leaders
  9. Film Composers Today
  10. The New World Order of Hans Zimmer and the “Marvel Dilemma”

Required materials

Textbook is not required. When offered online, access to reliable, high-speed internet is necessary.

Outside of

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