NUR 103 : Nursing Assistant

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Nursing Assistant



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Covers basic nursing assistant level one care and effective communication skills for clients in acute and longterm care facilities. Issues of confidentiality, client rights and role of the nursing assistant are discussed. Students are eligible to sit for the Oregon State Board of Nursing-sanctioned certified nursing assistant level one examination upon satisfactory performance of course outcomes and assessments; and completion of the minimum 155 mandatory student contact hours: 80 hours of lecture/lab and 75 hours of clinical experience. Clinic takes place in acute and long-term care facilities. To enroll in the course, students must hold a current American Heart Association, BLS Provider CPR card, pass a criminal history check, pass a urine drug screen and meet immunization and TB test requirements.

Learning outcomes

1. Integrate didactic and applied knowledge into an entry-level health care position.
2. Demonstrate an ability to gather information, think critically, and solve problems in the clinical setting.
3. Provide culturally responsive, ethical care, to a diverse group of adult clients, within the authorized duties of the nursing assistant.
4. Use leveled language skills to communicate with the health care team and diverse groups of patients.
5. Promote physiological and psychological safety of patients and staff in the health care environment.

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