NUR 104 : Certified Nursing Assistant: Level 2

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CNA Level 2



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NUR 103 and department approval.


Provides an Oregon State Board of Nursing-approved standardized curriculum and competency evaluation for the designation of Certified Nursing Assistant Level 2. This course focuses on technical skills, interpersonal skills and communication, safety, infection control, and documentation with the outcome of demonstrated proficiency in knowledge, skills and abilities in these areas. The course has a clinical component to be scheduled at with a clinical partner. Requires that students hold a current, unencumbered Oregon CNA 1 certificate (verified prior to registration) as well as hold a current American Heart Association BLS Provider CPR card, pass a criminal history check, and meet immunization and TB test requirements (required after registration but prior to class participation).

Learning outcomes

1. Identify a variety of verbal and non-verbal therapeutic communication techniques and demonstrate an ability to communicate with diverse patient groups, across the life spectrum.
2. List the characteristics of an effective healthcare worker and demonstrate the ability to mentor novice healthcare workers.
3. Identify normal and abnormal psychosocial and physical changes in patients that must be reported to the Licensed Nurse.
4. Identify signs and symptoms of pain and discomfort in the cognitively intact patient and compare with manifestations of pain by persons with cognitive impairment.
5. Identify the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety goals as they apply to the practice of a CNA2 including the ability to differentiate medical asepsis from sterile asepsis.
6. Identify effective preventive and protective strategies to manage safety risks when working with persons with dementia.
7. Identify ways to show respect for cultural beliefs and practices and correlate cultural traditions, beliefs and rituals to health and illness.

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