NUR 104 : Certified Nursing Assistant: Level 2

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CNA Level 2



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NUR 103 and department approval.

Course Description

Provides an Oregon State Board of Nursing approved standardized curriculum and competency evaluation for the designation of Certified Nursing Assistant Level 2. Focuses on technical skills, interpersonal skills and communication, safety, and infection control with the outcome of demonstrated proficiency in knowledge, skills and abilities in these areas. Includes clinical component to be scheduled at a clinical partner. Requires: a current unencumbered Oregon CNA 1 certificate (verified prior to registration); current American Heart Association BLS Provider CPR card; a criminal history check; immunization and tuberculosis test (required after registration but prior to class participation).

Course learning outcomes

1. Use appropriate communication and interpersonal skills in crisis intervention.
2. Model characteristics of an effective healthcare worker, including collaboration with the healthcare team.
3. Distinguish normal and abnormal psychosocial and physical changes in patients that must be reported to the licensed nurse.
4. Perform advanced nursing assistant tasks and technical skills.
5. Practice culturally competent care to meet the individual's needs, preferences, and abilities.

Content outline

  1. Collaboration with healthcare team
  2. Communication and interpersonal skills
  3. Person-centered care
  4. Infection control and prevention
  5. Safety and emergency procedures
  6. Activities of daily living
  7. Mental health and social services needs
  8. Technical skills
  9. Observation and reporting
  10. Documentation
  11. End-of-life care

Required materials

Dark purple scrub top, black scrub bottoms to be worn in class, lab, and clinical. Required textbook.

Outside of

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