NUR 220 : Developing a Sense of Belonging in Nursing

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Belonging in Nursing



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NUR 107.

Course Description

Utilizes narrative pedagogy concepts such as storytelling, discussion, and reflection to address the importance of developing a sense of belonging in nursing and how it affects integration into professional practice. Includes the topics of belonging as a concept, moral distress, imposter syndrome, professional identity, professional boundaries and preparation for practice.

Course learning outcomes

1. Communicate therapeutically with peers through discussion, reflection, and storytelling to develop an understanding and acceptance of diverse viewpoints.
2. Develop an understanding of the importance of belonging to the nursing profession.
3. Apply principles of managing moral distress and self-care to aid in developing a sense of belonging in nursing.
4. Develop strategies to combat imposter syndrome and common fears for nursing students and professional practice.
5. Identify ways to establish a professional identity through belonging in collaboration with peers.
6. Create strategies for developing a sense of belonging in the nursing profession.

Content outline

  1. Introduction to Belonging as a Concept
  2. Moral Distress and its Effect on Belonging
  3. Imposter Syndrome, Common Fears, and Belonging
  4. Establishing Professional Identity and Professional Boundaries Through Belonging
  5. Preparation for Practice and Developing a Sense of Belonging

Required materials

No required materials. Content for session preparation will be available on Canvas.

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