OL 171 : Technical Skills for Outdoor Leadership

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OL Technical Skills



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Course Description

Introduces basic skills, gear, and systems necessary for a variety of outdoor pursuits, including alpine mountaineering, challenge course and rock climbing. Provides an introduction to a variety of skills, with the intention of moving into more guide-oriented courses later in their program. Presents technical skills that will serve as a foundation for the advanced training in specific outdoor disciplines. Introduces gear, such as software (ropes, webbing, harnesses) and hardware (carabiners, friction devices); skills, such as knots, belaying, rappelling; and systems such as anchors, raises, lowers.

Course learning outcomes

1. Recognize and distinguish advantages and shortcomings of specific gear and methods for a variety of unique vertical challenges.
2. Integrate the use of specific equipment and skills in providing safety protection in a a variety of unique vertical challenges.
3. Analyze, appraise and design effective anchor systems for a variety of unique vertical challenges.
4. Generate and organize vertical rescues utilizing various skills, techniques, and methods.

Content outline

  1. Introductions, Syllabus, and Course Expectations
  2. Ropes and Webbing and Assorted Software
  3. Intro to Knots
  4. Carabiners
  5. Harnesses
  6. Introduction to Anchors
  7. Anchors
  8. Intro to Belaying
  9. Belaying
  10. Rope Ascents and Descents
  11. Belay Escapes
  12. Field Application #1: Intro to Institutional Settings
  13. Belaying and rappelling
  14. Application #2: Improvisational Scenarios
  15. Field Application #3: Rescues

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