OL 244 : Psychology of Risk and Adventure

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Psych. of Risk Adventure



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or to be taken with WR 121Z.

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Introduces students to psychological theories and topics relevant to adventure and risk, including perception, motivation, anxiety, arousal and risk-taking. This course will provide a theoretical and skills-based approach to understanding why the psychological components of risk and adventure play a pinnacle role in outdoor leadership.

Course learning outcomes

1. Define and differentiate the use of perceived risk, actual risk, physical risk and emotional risk.
2. Relate pertinent theories on motivation, risk-taking, arousal, and anxiety to adventure education.
3. Describe the psychological components of perception including an understanding of perception as risk and perception of risk.
4. Apply the knowledge gained in the area of psychology of adventure and risk to practical field situations in regards to leader responsibility and participant responsibility.

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  • Social Science

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