OL 255 : Outdoor Living Skills

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Outdoor Living Skills



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Educates the student on how to travel safely for extended periods in the backcountry. Presents essentials of life (water, food and shelter/clothing) and how they can be provided in an outdoors setting. Also, discusses navigation, backcountry medicine and wilderness use/wilderness concepts. Lecture, discussion and lab (demonstration, practical application and practice) used. Students conduct one solo overnight and one group weekend outing. This course is a recommended foundation for other outdoor leadership program courses.

Course learning outcomes

1. Appraise the complexity of traveling in backcountry terrain.
2. Generate a personal philosophy of venturing into the backcountry and wilderness settings.
3. Demonstrate effective skills for travelling and living in a backcountry and wilderness environment.
4. Integrate various skills toward developing a sense of comfort in backcountry and wilderness settings.
5. Outline and prepare a backcountry and wilderness experience through appropriate measures of risk management for a backcountry and wilderness setting.
6. Critique various ethical considerations of travelling and living in backcountry and wilderness settings.

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