OL 271 : Facilitating Group Experiences

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Facilitating Group Experiences



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OL 111 and OL 255.

Course Description

Introduces group facilitation in adventure programming. Covers facilitation process models and relation to experiential learning. Integrates introductory concepts of leadership, group dynamics, and experiential education theory. Completes application through facilitation of groups effectively and confidently in a variety of learning environments.

Course learning outcomes

1. Assess the appropriate use of a variety of facilitation techniques.
2. Demonstrate facilitation skills based on population and pre-determined learning objectives.
3. Plan an adventure program for groups.
4. Critique facilitation techniques and roles.
5. Appraise various ethics concerning adventure programs.

Content outline

  1. Creating the Learning Environment
  2. “5 D’s”: Designing and Implementing Adventure Programs
  3. Facilitator Roles and Phases of Facilitation
  4. Experiential Learning and Other Learning Theories
  5. Processing and Transference
  6. Group Dynamics and Leadership
  7. Facilitation Techniques

Required materials

Textbook is required.

Outside of

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