OL 271 : Facilitating Group Experiences

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Facilitating Group Experiences



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OL 111, OL 263, OL 255 and WR 121.


Introduces the broad concepts of group facilitation and presents the various "generations" of adventure facilitation. Students will become familiar with various models of the facilitation process and how each relates to experiential learning. Coursework integrates introductory concepts of leadership, foundational experiential education theory and the practice of facilitation in a variety of modes, including both high and low elements. Students are responsible for facilitating various group initiatives as a way to further comprehend the concepts presented. Successful students will be prepared to effectively and confidently facilitate groups in a variety of learning environments. This is a foundation course and a recommended preparation for other outdoor leadership program courses.

Learning outcomes

1.Differentiate amongst a variety of facilitation techniques and assess the appropriateness of use.
2.Demonstrate facilitation skills, based on population and pre-determined learning objectives.
3.Organize and plan an adventure program for groups.
4.Critique facilitation techniques and roles.
5.Interpret and appraise various ethics concerning in adventure programs.
6. Demonstrate competency in technical skills relevant to Challenge Course activities.
7. Organize and Plan appropriate risk management procedures for Challenge course programs.

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