OL 273 : Outdoor Recreation Leadership

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Outdoor Recreation Leadership



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OL 111, OL 263, OL 255 and WR 121.


This course is designed to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge of group leadership in an outdoor setting. Topics will be presented in lecture, discussed in various leadership scenarios, and then applied in group outings that the students will plan and lead. Special emphasis will be placed on group safety issues and risk assessment/risk management.

Learning outcomes

1. Provide a safe, educational, group experience in the outdoors.
2. Show basic knowledge of outdoor leadership theory and practice.
3. Make educated decisions regarding outdoor conditions, environments, group safety, and risk management.
4. Plan extended group outings involving backcountry travel (including such logistics as a trip itinerary with back-up options, food planning, an emergency plan, etc.).
5. Demonstrate an understanding of wilderness ethics with regards to group impact through how they lead their outings and plan their trips.

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