OL 294MB : Mountain Bike Guiding and Trail Stewardship

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Mountain Bike Guiding



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OL 271 and OL 273.

Course Description

This course is designed to instruct the student how to provide a fun and safe guided mountain bike experience to people of all ages through a combination of field lecture and hands-on practice. Students will learn how to teach basic mountain bike skills, design and lead group trips, diagnose trailside mechanical issues and perform basic trailside bike maintenance, and understand the characteristics and importance of sustainable mountain bike trail development and stewardship. The majority of the class time for this course will be spent in the field.

Course learning outcomes

1. Plan and organize basic mountain biking curriculum for novice through intermediate students.
2. Assess and Support beginning level students during a mountain bike program.
3. Apply effective risk management methods for a mountain biking program.
4. Integrate an assessment of a client’s abilities and limitations into an appropriate mountain biking program.
5. Determine effective decisions concerning specific ethical considerations of mountain biking.
6. Describe the value and explain the characteristics of sustainable mountain bike trail development and stewardship.

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