PH 202 : General Physics II

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General Physics II



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Studies basic electrostatic and magnetic interactions. Builds on concepts from PH 201 and continues into electrostatic forces, electric field concepts, electric potential, basic DC circuit concepts, magnetic interactions and forces, sources of magnetic fields and Faraday's Law. Lab addresses concepts and measurements in thermal physics and continues to explore the processes by which science seeks answers to questions. Meets the basic requirements for many pre-health and life science programs. Should be taken in sequence. Recommended to be taken with MTH 112.

Learning outcomes

See outcomes for PH 201.
Physics Topics:
Static charge distributions on conductors and insulators
Coulomb's Law for several charges in simple geometries
Magnetic forces on moving charges and currents
Right Hand Rules
Electromagnetic Fields relationship to Electromagnetic forces
conventions for graphical representations of fields
superposition of vector fields due to multiple sources
Electric Potential
connection to E fields and energy conventions for graphical representations
Basic sources of Electric and Magnetic fields
point charges
wires and loops (more right hand rules)

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  • Discipline Studies/Science Lab

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