PHE 110 : Public Health Professions

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Public Health Professions



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Recommended preparation

PHE 100 or PHE 282 or PHE 267.

Course Description

This course will help prepare students for entering in the job market and/or setting up a professional practicum through the following: where to search for jobs, how to apply and how to interview; and how to prepare professional resumes, cover letters, and how to create portfolios to demonstrate experience and/or skills. Professional development opportunities such as conferences, certifications, trainings etc. will be discussed, as well current research and trends in employment in the fields related to public health.

Course learning outcomes

1. Apply professional development skills to workforce development.
2. Identify trends in the public health workforce.
3. Identify and describe personal skills and interests related to the study and practice of public health to aid in academic and career planning.
4. Explore occupations within the field of Public Health to understand a variety of career roles and opportunities.
5. Explain the relationship between human behavior and health.

Content outline

  1. Overview of the public health workforce sectors and how they impact community health.
  2. Identify areas of interest based on research of specific areas.
  3. Explore the environmental health field with a guest panel speakers and/or interviews.
  4. Explore the health promotion field with guest panel speakers and/or interviews.
  5. Explore the health administration/policy field with guest panel speakers and/or interviews.
  6. Explore the biohealth science field with guest panel speakers and/or interviews.
  7. Prepare for a mock interview panel session with community partners on their respective fields.
  8. Reflect with a presentation on a key focus area and discuss how this profession monitors or improves community health.

Required materials

Readings to be assigned.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Health

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