PHE 281 : Practicum-Health Promotion/Public Health

Transcript title

Practicum-HP/Public Health



Grading mode

Pass/No Pass grades

Total contact hours


Other hours



instructor approval.

Recommended preparation

complete a minimum of three Health Promotion/Public Health courses.

Course Description

Provides practicums co-mentored by department faculty in collaboration with community partners. Practicum sites may include, but are not limited to public health departments, community health centers, health promotion and education programs, local government organizations, environmental health organizations, and social justice organizations. Thirty hours of practicum experience is equivalent to one credit. P/NP grading.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe how the practicum site profession addresses chronic health risks, and how site professionals may implement holistic, lifestyle behavior change to enhance personal and community-wide safety, health, and/or fitness.
2. Describe the academic preparation necessary to pursue a career position related to the practicum site.
3. Report on the day-to-day operations of the practicum site.
4. Articulate the purpose, scope of practice, and role of the practicum site professional.
5. Describe the continuing education required of practicum site professionals to maintain their credentials.
6. Evaluate the pros and cons of the practicum site and related career position.

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