PHL 170 : Philosophy of Love and Sex

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Philosophy of Love and Sex



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Provides an overview of the primary historical and contemporary Western views on the nature and meaning of romantic love. Students will analyze the links philosophers have found among beauty, friendship, passion, loyalty and transcendence and will also create their own philosophies of romantic love.

Course learning outcomes

1. Students will recognize the difference between the biological experience of infatuation and the social construction called ‘romantic love.’ Students will be able to compare and contrast different philosophical positions taken on the value of love, both within the thoughts of individual writers and between writers.
2. Students will show they understand that the relationship between romance and long-term committed relationships is socially constructed, not natural.
3. Students will show they recognize some of the differences among classical, medieval, renaissance and modern visions of romantic love.
4. Students will be able to articulate their own philosophy of erotic/romantic love.

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