PHM 100 : Pharmacy Technician Practice I

Transcript title

Pharmacy Technician Practice I



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

Total contact hours


Lecture hours



PHM 110, PHM 120, PHM 125.

Recommended preparation

MTH 015 (or higher) or minimum placement Math Level 7; WR 065 (or higher or BA 214) or minimum placement Wr/Comm Level 7; and BI 105.

Course Description

Introduces information, techniques, and procedures needed to assist the pharmacist in delivery of pharmaceutical products and services. Explores aspects of pharmacy in community, institution, and other practice settings. Covers the regulatory agencies, laws, and ethics affecting pharmacy practice. Explores employment opportunities, interpretation and processing of prescriptions, pharmacy law, standards of practice, and skills required of a pharmacy technician.

Course learning outcomes

1. Define pharmacy technician duties within the scope of the position, laws, and ethics of the industry.
2. Define performance and safety standards established for the community, institution, and other pharmacy practice settings.
3. Locate over-the-counter drugs, medical supplies, drug dosage forms, and routes of administration within the scope of the pharmacy technician responsibilities.
4. Describe appropriate medical terms, abbreviations, and symbols essential to prescribing, dispensing, administering, and charting medications correctly and precisely.
5. Illustrate accurate calculations required for weighing ingredients and preparing non-sterile preparations.
6. Summarize how to find days supply for insurance claims.
7. Explain how to determine inventory and purchasing needs, profit margins, and inventory control.
8. Explain the steps for accurate conversions between measurement systems.

Content outline

  1. Profession of pharmacy
  2. Pharmacy law, regulations, ethics, and standards
  3. Drug and supplement development
  4. Pharmacy terminology I
  5. Pharmacy terminology II
  6. Introduction of pharmacology
  7. Routes and administration of medications
  8. Pharmacy measurements and calculations
  9. Community pharmacy dispensing
  10. Healthcare and prescription drug insurance

Required materials

Required textbook, computer, and internet access.

Outside of

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