PHM 110 : Pharmacy Calculations

Transcript title

Pharmacy Calculations



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PHM 100, PHM 120, PHM 125.

Recommended preparation

MTH 015 (or higher) or minimum placement Math Level 7.

Course Description

Reviews math related to pharmacy technician duties. Covers systems of weight, measurement, and temperature as well as conversions between systems. Emphasizes skills needed to calculate doses, drug quantity or volume, intravenous flow rates, percentage concentrations, and mechanics of proportions related to pharmaceutical dosing. Introduces retail pricing and accounting.

Course learning outcomes

1. Calculate doses related to medication administration.
2. Calculate medication amount to dispense for a specific dose.
3. Calculate concentrate and diluent amount needed for a stock dilution compound.
4. Calculate age- and weight-specific drug doses or dose range when given recommended dose information.
5. Calculate values needed for conducting business operations.

Content outline

  1. Ratio, percent, and proportion
  2. Prescription and medication order literacy
  3. Measurement conversions
  4. Calculating doses for oral and injectable medications, both non-sterile and sterile
  5. Conducting business operations, including calculations for:
    1. Percent markup
    2. Percent profit
    3. Overhead
    4. Profit
    5. Gross profit
    6. Percentage of average wholesale price
    7. Capitation
    8. Days’ supply of inventory
    9. Inventory maintenance ordering with minimums and maximums

Required materials

This course may require a textbook and/or software (same as other PHM courses).

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Computation

Outside of

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