PHM 140 : Pharmacy Technician Practice II

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Pharmacy Tech Practice II



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PHM 130, PHM 180A.

Course Description

Teaches information, techniques, and procedures needed to assist the pharmacist in delivery of pharmaceutical products and services. Covers pharmacy aspects in a community, institution, and other practice settings. Emphasizes pharmacy technician duties and responsibilities.

Course learning outcomes

1. Perform pharmacy technician duties within the scope of the position, laws, and ethics of the industry.
2. Apply performance and safety standards established for the community, institution, and other pharmacy practice settings.
3. Perform recordkeeping functions associated with gathering patient information, protecting patient confidentiality, transcribing prescription orders into a computer database, processing insurance claims, dispensing pharmaceuticals, and maintaining drug inventory.
4. Identify over-the-counter drugs, medical supplies, drug dosage forms, and routes of administration within the scope of the pharmacy technician responsibilities.
5. Use appropriate medical terms, abbreviations, and symbols essential to prescribing, dispensing, administering, and charting medications correctly and precisely.
6. Perform sterile and nonsterile compounding operations.

Content outline

  1. The business of community pharmacy
  2. Extemporaneous, non-sterile compounding
  3. Hospital pharmacy dispensing
  4. Infection control, aseptic technique, and cleanroom facilities
  5. Sterile and hazardous compounding
  6. Medication safety
  7. Professional performance, communication, and ethics
  8. Future in pharmacy practice

Required materials

Textbook required.

Outside of

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