PS 203 : State/Local Government

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State/Local Government



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or to be taken with WR 121Z.

Course Description

Examines the thousands of governments located at the state and local levels. Explores separation of powers between governors, legislatures and state court systems. Opportunity for individual involvement in the administration, innovation and promotion of democracy is investigated.

Course learning outcomes

1. Be able to demonstrate an understanding of state and local politics in Oregon.
2. Be able to engage in community and current affairs and articulate an understanding of the subject matter presented, through both written and verbal communication.
3. Be able to formulate arguments and support opinions effectively.
4. Be able to work successfully in a group setting to analyze and present topics in a thoughtful manner to peers.
5. Be able to understand and utilize political processes and culture in everyday life applications.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Social Science

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