PS 205 : Introduction to International Relations

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Intro International Relations



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WR 121Z.

Course Description

Introduces complex relations among the nations of a rapidly changing world. Focuses on the nature of the international system and factors affecting conflict and cooperation within the system.

Course learning outcomes

1) Understand, analyze, and explain the relationships, interconnections, and divergences in the current international political system;
2) Understand, analyze, and explain the classic, contemporary, and alternative theories with which to analyze international relations;
3) Understand, analyze, and explain the ways in which international power, law, geography, culture, history, religion, and belief systems interact to shape world politics;
4) Understand, analyze, and explain the ideas that create controversies in international relations;
5) Understand, analyze, and explain the global interdependence that defines international relations;
6) Develop skills and appreciation of civic virtue as a well-educated, informed, and participating citizen in our national and international political system.

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  • Social Science

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