PS 206 : Introduction to Political Thought

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Intro to Political Thought



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WR 121Z.

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Introduces the broad range of issues and approaches in political theory. Examines the diversity of the field, as it includes both classic and historical texts as well as contemporary thought. From Plato to Machiavelli, and from Locke to Nietzsche, this course examines the major political themes of justice, equality, democracy, power, and liberty.

Course learning outcomes

1. Evaluate and analyze the great conflicts in political thought and philosophy.
2. Evaluate the development of political philosophy and thought through the intellectual framework of the great philosophers.
3. Describe and analyze the major eras in the development of political thought.
4. Debate the issues of political thought and philosophy to the issues of the 21st Century.
5. Understand the relationship between the citizen and the responsibilities of civic virtue and civic duty, through an analysis of the major problems in political conflict.

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  • Social Science

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