PSY 101 : Applied Psychology

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Applied Psychology



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Introduces the basic foundation of psychology to degree-seeking students and career and technical students. Focuses on practical applications of psychological principles in the workplace and everyday life. Topics include motivation, emotions, individual development, identifying problem behavior, coping resources, group dynamics and communication skills.

Course learning outcomes

1. Define, describe and apply the major theoretical approaches used in psychology to understand behavior in day-to-day interactions and across the life span.
2. Apply principles of perception and learning to analyze behavior in both personal and employment settings, and understand states of consciousness.
3. Identify individual interactions styles as well as be able to describe the strengths of other communication styles and how to interact cooperatively with others with different styles and improve understanding of individual differences.
4. Describe and utilize appropriate communication skills including non-verbal communication and active listening.
5. Describe barriers to communication and how to overcome them; understand the interpersonal communication process.
6. Describe and give examples of how to effectively manage stress and emotions; define the correlation between stress management and personal productivity.
7. Understand the issues involved in working with people from different cultural backgrounds and how to work effectively in a diverse workplace; exhibit an awareness of cross-cultural relations and diversity.
8. Identify character traits associated with being an ethical person and use a systematic method for making ethical decisions and behaving ethically.
9. Demonstrate knowledge of behavioral disorders, potential treatment options, and impact upon personal and interpersonal relationships.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Social Science
  • Cultural Literacy

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