PSY 213 : Introduction to Physiological Psychology

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Intro to Physio Psychology



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BI 121, BI 122, BI 231, BI 232, BI 233 or PSY 201.


This course provides a scientific introduction to the brain's anatomy and function. It builds a foundation for understanding sensory and motor systems, brain rhythms and brain plasticity. Essential neurophysiological processes that underlie topics such as human development, cognitive and emotional behavior, gender, and psychological disorders will be presented.

Learning outcomes

1. Identify the cellular and anatomical structures and functions of the Nervous System, and Endocrine System as it applies to human behavior. This includes neuronal “electro-chemical signaling” and hormonal influences on the nervous system.
2. Be able to identify parts of the human brain, eye and ear using lab models
3. Understand the biological basis of learning-and-memory formation in the Hippocampus
4. Understand the Limbic System, and its role as the “Emotional Brain”
5. Understand the brain’s “Reward System” and how it relates to addiction
6. Understand the biological/neuronal/chemical basis of psychiatric disorders, like schizophrenia, and how they are treated

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  • Science Lab

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