PSY 216 : Social Psychology

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Social Psychology



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PSY 202 or SOC 201 and WR 060 (or higher) or minimum placement Wr/Comm Level 5.


Surveys influence of psychological processes on groups and the influence of culture, society and groups on individuals. Includes analysis and exploration of behavior from a social psychology perspective. Topics include aggression, prejudice, conformity, affiliation, altruism, persuasion, interpersonal attraction, social cognition, conflict resolution, attitude formation and change, and applied social psychology.

Learning outcomes

1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of research methods and relevant ethical issues in social psychological research, including a general understanding of APA Ethics Code.
2. Students will challenge claims that arise from myth, stereotypes, or untested assumptions and make linkages or connections between diverse facts, theories and observations.
3. Students will use critical thinking, creative thinking and skeptical inquiry to evaluate information from a variety of sources, including text, lecture, media, personal experience, original research articles and review articles.
4. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding representing appropriate breadth and depth in the field of social psychology.
5. Students will recognize the sociocultural contexts may influence the application of psychological principles in solving social problems.
6. Students will be able to apply analytical skills to social phenomena in order to und

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Social Science
  • Cultural Literacy

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