PSY 262 : Indonesian Field Study II: Global Health: Field Training and Research

Transcript title

Indonesian Field Study II



Grade mode

Pass/No Pass grades

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Lab hours



PSY 261 and instructor approval based on completion of requirements outlined in PSY 261.


This course is conducted in Indonesia. Provides hands-on field research training and outreach experiences related to international conservation, sustainability and biodiversity. Student projects developed in PSY 261 are conducted in this course. P/NP grading.

Learning outcomes

1. Create awareness of experience-based learning processes outside an institutional structure, and to develop confidence and initiative in learning from experience.
2. Develop independent research skills, especially how to function, conduct research, and cope with logistical issues.
3. Develop a basic research “toolbox” of skills in various methods of field study, including field observation techniques, equipment technology, behavioral sampling methods, line-transect sampling, biological sample collection techniques, insect sampling, vegetation survey, and keeping a field journal.
4. Identify and practice research ethics and responsible conduct in research.
5. Work collaboratively with other researchers, using listening and communication skills.
6. Reflect on their own research, identifying lessons learned, strengths, and ways to improve.

Content outline

• Introduction to conservation, biodiversity global health
• Field study methods
• Population assessment
• Biodiversity in Indonesia
• Primate behavior ecology
• Management conservation strategies
• Human-wildlife interaction
• Conflict and coexistence
• Conservation medicine
• Emerging infections diseases
• Health concerns of local populations
• Ethnobotany and traditional medicine
• Biomedical research
• Translational science

Required materials

Required supplies may include: field clothing, boots, field notebook, binoculars, immunizations.

Grading methods

Grades may be determined by field exercises to assess basic techniques of field research, field journals completion of a personal research project oral presentation.

Outside of

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