PSY 263 : Indonesian Field Study III: Communicating Indonesian Field Experience

Transcript title

Indonesian Field Study III



Grade mode

Pass/No Pass grades

Contact hours total


Lecture hours



PSY 262 and instructor approval based on completion of requirements outlined in PSY 261 and PSY 262.


Provides the opportunity to summarize, reflect, and discuss experiences with international field study and field research techniques completed in PSY 262 in Indonesia. Includes formal and informal presentation styles; discusses oral, written and visual formats for scientific communication. P/NP grading.

Learning outcomes

1. Utilize appropriate descriptive and inferential statistical techniques to answer their research question or hypothesis.
2. Explain their research to others in the field and to broader audiences using conventions of good scholarly communication.
3. Articulate the relevance of their research to their coursework and professional future, synthesizing their research, academic, and professional interests and goals.
4. Reflect constructively on their research experience in making decisions about their future.

Content outline

• Descriptive and inferential statistical techniques
• Academic and community presentation conventions
• APA writing style
• Biodiversity in Indonesia
• Animal behavior and ecology
• Human-wildlife interaction
• Conflict and coexistence
• Health concerns of local populations
• Biomedical research
• Translational science

Required materials


Grading methods

Grades may be determined by a written report and oral presentations of field study experiences.

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