PSY 290 : Psychology Undergraduate Research Lab

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PSY Research Lab



Grading mode

Pass/No Pass grades

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Course Description

Provides opportunities for research experience and professional development beyond the classroom through weekly, discussion-based labs. Assists students with designing conducting research, creating materials, participant recruitment, data collection, data entry and analysis. Invites students to develop their own research projects or to potentially service as co-authors on ongoing research. P/NP grading. Repeatable for credit.

Course learning outcomes

1. Exhibit effective self-regulation
2. Refine project management skills
3. Display effective judgment in professional interactions
4. Cultivate workforce collaboration skills
5. Demonstrate appropriate workforce technological skills
6. Develop direction for life after graduation

Content outline

The Outcomes of the Undergraduate Research Lab align with Goal #5: Professional Development described in the American Psychology Association Guidelines for the Undergraduate Major: Version 3.0 (2023).

Outline of material as follows: 

  1. Getting Started: Why Undergraduate Research and Working in Teams
  2. Psychological Science and the Replication Crisis
  3. Ethical Science
  4. Institutional Review Boards
  5. Forming a Plan: Literature Searches
  6. Forming a Plan: Research Design and Pre-registrations
  7. Statistical Literacy and Ethical Data Entry
  8. Submitting and Presenting Research
  9. CVs and Applications
  10. Wrapping it up-- Assessing Transferable Skills

Required materials

This course does not have any required material for the students. All resources are embedded into Canvas or part of open science research. 

Outside of

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