SOC 141 : Film & Society: Race, Gender, and Class

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Film Soc: Race/Gender/Class



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Course Description

Examines the representation of race, social class and gender in film. Special attention is given to how particular representations reflect the broader historical context surrounding when the films were produced and culturally-based audience sentiments. Anthropological and sociological analyses of the films will be provided to give a multi-disciplinary account of how films reflect, create and support various ideological positions regarding race, class and gender. Cross-listed with: ANTH 141; courses are identical and credit counts once.

Course learning outcomes

1. Define core anthropological or sociological concepts.
2. Apply the core concepts to the selected films and critique their applicability to understanding the various anthropological and sociological issues.
3. Discuss how the films illustrate the interrelationship between humans, social structures, and culture.
4. Analyze the potential and real influence for films to be an agent of social change.

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