SOC 211 : Social Deviance

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Social Deviance



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Examines deviance through a sociological lens and includes analyzing the processes involved in definitions of deviance and factors influencing approaches to and consequences of social control. Applies sociological theories to deviance to illustrate the link between theory and social policy.

Course learning outcomes

1. Apply sociological perspective to deviance and social control.
2. Analyze social processes that influence deviance and social control.
3. Evaluate cultural and political assumptions regarding deviance and social control.

Content outline

  1. Sociological perspective
  2. Sociology of deviance
  3. Positivism and deviance
  4. Constructionism and deviance
  5. Moral panics
  6. Crime and the criminal justice system
  7. Interactionism and deviance
  8. Social control
  9. Stigma

Required materials

All readings are available online.

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  • Social Science

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