SOC 215 : Social Issues and Social Movements

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Social Issues Social Mvmts.



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Examines influences behind and remedies to social issues and problems. Applies the sociological perspectives and sociological theories to the investigation of various contemporary and historical social issues and problems. Applies the sociological framework to address how and why certain social issues and social policies are understood as problematic and others not. Establishes links between social movements, social policies, and social change.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe social movements within their historical and social contexts.
2. Analyze the relationship between social structures, culture, and social movements.
3. Analyze the connections between social inequality and systems of power to social movements.
4. Explain the lifecycle of social movements.

Content outline

  1. The sociological perspective and theories
  2. Reviewing sociological concepts and their relationship to social movements
  3. Social movement theories
  4. Historical perspectives on social movement
  5. Role of social movement organization on social change
  6. Analyzing social movement effectiveness and impact

Required materials

Open educational resources.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Social Science

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