SOC 219 : Sociology of Religion

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Sociology Of Religion



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SOC 201.

Course Description

Surveys a variety of religious traditions and introduces the sociological perspective for the study of religion as part of a larger social order. Explores the nature of religious beliefs and practices, both historically and in contemporary context. Examines the relationship between religious traditions and the current globalization of the institution of religion in culture and society.

Course learning outcomes

1. Students will exhibit knowledge of sociological perspective of religion in society and the influences religion and society have on one another.
2. Students will demonstrate the ability to discuss sociological theories, concepts, and ideas related to religion and society in small and large group settings and to express empirically as well as theoretically based opinions.
3. Students will examine and evaluate alternative perspectives and opinions while challenging their own assumptions regarding social issues related to religion and society.
4. Students will exhibit knowledge of the primary institutions of family, education, religion, and economic and political structures in relation to religion and its impact on society.
5. Students will demonstrate an understanding of race, class, and gender inequality and the impact within religion and society.
6. Students will analyze the influence of individual values, beliefs, and traditions in religion on the larger society.
7. Students will develop and express interpretation and analysis of sociological principles through formal and informal writing.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Social Science
  • Cultural Literacy

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