SOC 250 : Sociology of Popular Culture

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Sociology of Popular Culture



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Apply the sociological perspective and sociological theory to various aspects of popular culture: mass media, sports, advertising and marketing, and film. Examine central factors influencing the production and reception of culture. Analyze the influence of audience position on interpretations of culture and the influence of culture on individual identities.

Course learning outcomes

1. Differentiate between the central sociological theories of popular culture.
2. Apply sociological theories to selected areas of popular culture.
3. Examine the interrelationship between historical processes, cultural values, and popular culture.
4. Analyze the ways in which popular culture influences personal identities.

Content outline

  1. The sociological perspective and theories
  2. Distinguishing between culture and popular culture
  3. Applications of sociological concepts and theories to popular culture
  4. Review of cultural studies and its approach to analyzing popular culture
  5. Sociological analyses of advertising, marketing, and branding
  6. Sociological analyses of mass consumption

Required materials

All materials available online for no charge.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Social Science
  • Cultural Literacy

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