SPAN 101 : First Year Spanish I

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1st Year Spanish I



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Course Description

Course designed for beginners; students with prior Spanish experience should contact COCC Spanish instructors to determine which Spanish course is appropriate for them. Begins the development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Focuses on the concepts of pronunciation, gender, descriptions, possessives, present tense -ar verbs, numbers, question words, and vocabulary that includes the following categories: alphabet, people, greetings, school items, family and activities.

Course learning outcomes

1. Formulate original, simple phrases in both oral and written forms in the present tense.
2. Use basic vocabulary and a variety of set phrases in highly predictable settings.
3. Initiate and respond to simple requests for information.
4. Read and/or listen to authentic materials in the target language, and understand the gist.
5. Recognize linguistic and cultural diversity within the Spanish-speaking world through the study of history, literature, art, music, film, and gastronomy.
6. Use both online and traditional resources (dictionaries, word searches, conjugation tables, etc.) to locate new words and unfamiliar concepts.

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