TA 142 : Acting II

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Acting II



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TA 141.

Course Description

Course is the second in a series of three. Features in-depth character study and textual analysis through preparation of scenes from plays and film; improvement of vocal and physical performance skills; and investigation of students' specific performance strengths and challenges. In-class performance of memorized material required. Grading based primarily on in-class participation. Repeatable for credit.

Course learning outcomes

1. Clearly articulate one's strengths and challenges as an actor.
2. Create and pursue a collaborative plan of action to address actor strengths and challenges through study and performance of scenes and monologues.
3. Thoroughly analyze scripted scenes and monologues, in writing, from an acting perspective.
4. Effectively apply written analyses to the memorized performance of scenes and monologues, convincingly portraying three-dimensional characters.
5. Demonstrate effective vocal and physical technique and staging skills in the performance of scenes and monologues.
6. Engage in supportive and constructive peer and instructor feedback as both recipient and provider.

Content outline

All of these aspects build on concepts previously covered in TA 141|Code Title.

  1. Physical Performance Skills
    1. Vocal - Stamina and control. Maintaining vocal health
    2. Physical - Stamina, control and flexibility
    3. Relaxed readiness
  2. Characterization
    1. Going outside your comfort zone
    2. Strategically embracing your type
  3. Staging
    1. Blocking that reflects character and content
    2. Safe stage intimacy practices
    3. Safely portraying physical violence onstage
  4. Textual Analysis
    1. Written character biographies
    2. Scoring scenes through analysis of Stanslavski's concepts
  5. Performance Analysis
    1. Experience and analyze a live performance through written critique
    2. Orally provide contextual and constructive feedback to classmates in response to scene work

Required materials

No textbook. Readings and scripts are fair use, public domain and OER.

Students may be required to attend one live theatrical performance for a single ticket cost of not more than $40.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Arts and Letters

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