TA 200 : Introduction to Theater

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Introduction to Theater



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Introduces student to the world of theater. Combines overview of historical facts and theory with contemporary practice. Explores career options in theatrical production.

Course learning outcomes

1. Be able to describe the basic functions of the playwright, actor, director, designers and producing organization
2. Appreciate and understand the collaborative nature of the theatre arts
3. Recognize the qualities unique to non-western theatre traditions
4. Understand and articulate the similarities and differences between the European theatre tradition and those of non-western theatre
5. Be familiar with a broad range of theatrical terminology, including vocabulary from acting/directing, technical theatre, theatre history and criticism
6. Be able to fully envision the performance of a play while reading its script
7. Be able to evaluate critically the success of a theatrical production
8. Be motivated to continue experiencing theatre as an audience member or creator/participant

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  • Arts and Letters

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