VT 103 : Animal Hospital and Office Procedures

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Animal Hosp Office Proc



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VT 101, VT 102, VT 117.

Course Description

Introduces veterinary medical records, admitting procedures, record maintenance, resume writing and job interview techniques. Covers basic bookkeeping skills, inventory control measures, marketing, client communication, the use of veterinary computer software, and professional development.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain and nterpret veterinary medical records.
2. Explain and demonstrate admission, discharge and triage of patients according to client, patient and facility needs.
3. Utilize various procedures for filing and record retention.
4. Utilize veterinary practice management software to create and maintain client/patient records, to schedule appointments, and manage inventory.
5. Explain and demonstrate bookkeeping and inventory control measures.
6. Explain and demonstrate how to complete facility records and logs for compliance with regulatory guidelines.
7. Explain various techniques for marketing a veterinary facility.

Content outline

I. Professionalism II. Fundamentals of Communication III. Client Communication and Customer Service IV. Receptionist Team V. Appointment Management VI. Functions, requirements and format of the Medical Record VII. Management of Medical Record VII. Logs and Inventory Management IX. Computerization in the Vet Practice X. Veterinary Medical Software XI. Professional Development- Cover letter and Resume Writing XII. Professional Development- Interviewing XIII. Marketing

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